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e accessori per il settore medicale

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BIODIAGRAM SRL is a young company founded in 1998 in order to meet the market needs for thermal paper products with diagrams and not  for electromedical diagnostic equipments such as: ECG electrocardiographs, CTG cardiotocographs, Electroencephalographs, Spirometry, Autoclaves and equipment for analysis laboratory as well as all other equipment
labs that use rolls or packages of thermal paper to print their results.

In 2008, after taking on all the necessary know-how and all the certifications, the program for the production of diagrammed papers was launched, acquiring in a short time increasingly large slices of the market, both nationally and internationally.
In 2011, to complete the product range, the production of photographic thermal film rolls  was started for the black and white printing of ultrasound images compatible with Sony and Mitsubishi printers for the S, HD and HG types. .

BIODIAGRAM SRL has UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485  certification.

Again we started with the production of BioGel, the result of the experience gained in the sector both as a spray for the conductivity of ECG electrodes and for the conduction of ultrasound in ultrasound use.

We are also constantly looking for new products to market in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Next will be the identification of a disposable electrode for ECG to complete the consumables for electrocardiographs and related connection cables.
By virtue of the foregoing, our operating system provides for a careful and rigorous examination of the production and marketing procedures of its products, all in a modern 1,500 square meter factory with 750 square meters of offices and 750 square meters of industrial area and warehouse logistics.

The production technologies are the most innovative in the sector, an excellent quality / price ratio on the market and moreover our graphic department is able to satisfy any personalization intervention such as affixing logos, commercial brands, general information, corporate advertising and so on it can be made at the particular request of customers.

Particular attention is paid to Public Administration entities through pre- and post-sales technical telephone support available to all interested parties to know in detail the characteristics of the products.



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